Payment Terms & Conditions
  1. $500 first payment to confirm your place on the course.
  2. Balance of the course fees within 30 days of sign-up. Should your start date be less than 30 days before signing up, then the full amount will be due.
  3. Course dates can be moved, however, your payment terms will still be as above, should you defer to a later date.
  4. Deposits and payments are not refundable or transferable. If you cannot attend the course date reserved, you may move your reservation to another date, and during the pandemic, we are flexible with moving course dates.
  5. If you are not granted entry to Cambodia, Thailand or Indonesia because your paperwork was not in order (such as insurance, negative Covid test (if applicable), or for whatever reason the immigration officer deems fit) Destination TEFL cannot be held responsible, as entry to a country is always at the discretion of the immigration officer – even if you have a pre-approved visa before arrival.
  6. No refunds are provided to students who do not pass the course. We do our utmost to assist our trainees if they are struggling in a particular area.
  7. Should a student be unable to complete a course due to illness, injury or any reason we deem valid, they may complete by joining the next course, or any future course, subject to availability, and at our discretion, but no refunds will be granted. Please note that accommodation will be for your own cost at that time. If the trainers feel the student has missed too much of the course due to sickness or other reasons, it is at their discretion to inform the student that they need to defer to another course (so much work is covered in a day that missing 2 to 3 days can have a huge impact). If a student misses 2 days or more (whether consecutive or not) a doctor’s note MUST be provided