Improving the level of ESL teachers across Southeast Asia

About Us

About Destination TEFL

Destination TEFL, Koh Samui started in 2011 as Samui TEFL, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand. But Destination TEFL is all about ideal destinations – destinations to do your TEFL/TESOL course, as well as destinations to teach English.

With this in mind, we opened our next training centre in Cambodia – a land where ancient and modern worlds collide to create a unique destination.

As Bali is on most people’s SE Asia travel bucket list – this was our next TEFL course destination, ideally located in the beach resort town of Canggu.

Koh Samui closed at the start of the pandemic, but now, we are pleased to announce that we are back in Thailand, with a new training centre opening in Bangkok in November 2021!

Our Mission Statement

To improve the level of ESL teachers across Southeast Asia by offering Internationally recognized and accredited TEFL certificate training onsite in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Choose to do your TEFL/TESOL course in:

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Bangkok, Thailand

At any location you’ll find the same quality 140-hour TEFL/TESOL course with highly skilled and passionate trainers, and teacher practicums in local schools, businesses and NGOs. Rest assured that you’ll be in great hands – our TEFL trainers are highly skilled and have years of experience in education.

Meet the team

Between the directors and our trainers, we have 50-plus years’ of experience in the TEFL and training business. All members of the Destination TEFL team have lived abroad – so they know what a daunting prospect it can be to take the plunge and start your TEFL adventure. You are in good hands…what’s your next destination going to be?

Kathryn Webb

—Head of Academics

Kathryn Webb is our head course director and co-owner of the school, and she’s highly qualified and tailored the course to what it is today. She left the USA 20 years ago to move to Italy. Not only does she have a degree in psychology, (great for some pointers on classroom management!) but also a DELTA (Diploma of English Language Training to Adults) as well as a CELTYL (Certificate of English Language Training to Young Learners), so is qualified to teach both adults and children. Prior to moving to Thailand, Kathryn owned a prestigious language school in Italy for nine years. Her company trained teachers, placing them in contracts to teach at Italy’s top fashion houses and other businesses. Her school also ran classes for children and adults at their own school. Kathryn prefers a hands-on, interactive approach, which engages the students. Not only are trainees taught with this mindset, but they are encouraged to do the same with their students. Kathryn spends her time between Bangkok and Siem Reap.

Willie Van Loggerenberg

—Head of Operations

Willie van Loggerenberg is the 3rd partner in Destination TEFL and your go-to person in Siem Reap.

Being an experienced Key Accounts Manager with 15 years’ experience in the TEFL / TESOL industry as well as being the program developer and National manager for the teach abroad programs for South Africa’s oldest and largest Work & Travel organisation OVC, Willie is no stranger to TEFL and Gap Year programs and have visited and researched 21 countries.

He understands the integrate detail of being a partner, as well as the day to day recruiting processes for TEFL candidates. His experience has allowed me to deal with a number of international partners in both Southeast Asian and Latin America and is passionate about building good and lasting relationships.

Willie works on site in Siem Reap, involved with both training and placement, and is our centre manager combined with new business development worldwide.

Rose-anne Turner

—Head of Admissions

Rose-Anne Turner runs the office with regards to admin and admissions, and is a co-owner of Destination TEFL. Rose-Anne and Kathryn have been in partnership for several years in Thailand with Samui TEFL. Rose-Anne is your first contact, and will answer your enquiry. Having lived in Thailand for 7 years and working at Samui TEFL, she is happy to answer every question you may have before booking your place, with regards to the course, teaching, Thailand, Cambodia and Asia in general – no question is too big or too small. Rosanne handles the ‘behind the scenes’ side of Destination TEFL, leaving Kathryn and Willie to be hands-on with the trainees.

Matt Roberts

—Franchise owner in Bali, Indonesia

Matt Roberts is our Bali franchise owner. Matt has a PGCE in Primary education and a Masters degree in ‘applied education in children’ as well as a 140 hour TEFL certificate acquired at Destination TEFL.

Matt started teaching in England before moving to Australia where he spent 2 years teaching in a range of schools before moving to Thailand to teach in an International school on the island of Koh Samui merging traditional teaching curriculums with teaching English as a foreign language.

Matt prefers a hands-on interactive approach to teaching with lots of energy and positivity. His experience in Primary Education can also help with some behaviour management tactics! Lots of smiles and lots of learning is common place!

Mitch & Guide

—Franchise owners in Bangkok, Thailand

Mitch and Guide are world travellers, avid food enthusiasts, adventure junkies, and the owners of our Bangkok franchise!

Mitch has been involved in management and education for over 10 years, working on organisational development and leading leadership seminars in the United States, New Zealand, Nepal, and Peru, before moving to Thailand in 2017. After becoming TEFL certified, he spent a full year teaching elementary school in a small Isaan town in northern Thailand. He then moved to Bangkok and became an ESL consultant for one of the largest English language companies in the world before being moved into a management position, running a centre with 600+ students. His next mission is to train passionate, purposeful, and happy teachers who will go on to impact and change lives wherever they teach.

Guide is Bangkok born and raised, living much of her life right around the corner from our centre! An accomplished entrepreneur and business owner in Thailand, in 2014 she started 24th Cutting, a fashion business that has been in operation for almost a decade. In 2019 she entered into the tourism industry, building up some of the top-rated experiences in all of Thailand before the pandemic shut the industry down. Her business savvy and unique local knowledge of Bangkok helps to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for our participants.

Mitch and Guide are bringing together their experience in education, tourism, and leadership to create a truly life-changing experience at Destination TEFL Bangkok.

Tina Hennessy

—Head Trainer - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tina Hennessy is our head trainer. Tina has a degree in psychology, sociology and economics. She completed her TEFL at Samui TEFL in 2013, a 300 hour TEFL Trainer certificate with Destination TEFL, and also has her CELTA, as well as several other certificates in teaching, training and childcare.

Tina taught for two years in Thailand, from primary to high school, as well as adults, followed by three years teaching at Bangalore International School. She has experience teaching across all levels and ages. Tina’s bubbly laugh is contagious and her lessons are filled with creativity. Tina is well-travelled, and having lived abroad, she is sensitive to the challenges it presents to her students.

Chiep Chy (Chy)

—General assistant and school network manager - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Chiep Chy is our general assistant and school network manager. Chy grew up in the Siem Reap province, about 60 kms from Siem Reap City. He earned his bachelor degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Build Bright University in 2016 and recently added a second TEFL certificate at Destination TEFL in November 2020 under his belt. From 2014 to 2017, he taught English to young and adult learners at ‘Khmer for Khmer Organization’ here in Siem Reap. Since 2017, he’s been an English-Speaking tour guide with a great knowledge of Cambodian history and also all the amazing tourist attractions in and around Siem Reap, as well as other provinces in Cambodia.

Chy joined the Destination TEFL team in Cambodia as the General Assistant and School Network Manager. He is responsible for building great relationships with all the international schools in Cambodia, and offers the Destination TEFL graduates placement assistance. He will soon become the Khmer teacher, offering short language courses to the Destination TEFL trainees and other expats in our city.

Arne & Lirene Cilliers

—Sales & Marketing Team

Having completed the Destination TEFL course themselves, Arné and Lirene currently live and teach in Cambodia. They know the ins and outs of embarking on your next adventure and can’t wait to answer any questions you may have about this life-changing journey.

After travelling Bali from top to bottom, they decided to leave behind their busy lives and move to Cambodia to start their new adventure. From do’s and don’ts to cost of living, they have the t-shirts.

With experience teaching online and in-class, they strongly believe in the life-changing experience of teaching abroad.

Their number one priority is to be transparent and make you feel at ease. Their passion is to help, whether it’s to help you embark on your new journey, or teaching a 9-year-old Cambodian student to say “literally”.

Genine de Witt (Travel Jane)

—In-house Travel Consultant

Genine de Witt is our in-house travel consultant who will assist you in finding the best possible flights to your training destination. After completing her Diploma in Travel & Tourism, Genine travelled the globe extensively, and worked in various sectors of the travel industry, gaining valuable experience to understand and recognise the wants and needs of travellers.

Destination TEFL Accreditation

Destination TEFL is pleased to announce a new collaboration

Destination TEFL offers TEFL/TESOL courses in academic collaboration with Asian College of Teachers (ACT), Asia’s largest teacher training body with 30,000 alumni and 600 schools associations across Asia.

What is it and why is it important?

When you’re getting started in TEFL and deciding which certification to take, one thing to keep in mind is whether or not the course provider is accredited.

So first of all, what is TEFL accreditation and what does it involve?

TEFL accreditation is a form of quality assurance. An external organisation comes up with a set of standards which it believes providers should adhere to in order to deliver a quality training program.

The biggest problem with the TEFL industry is the lack of regulation. Anyone can create a TEFL course, market and sell it.

Inevitably, this means that there are hundreds of courses to choose from, many of which are low quality. Some are even created as a means of exploiting badly informed potential trainees, with hollow promises of high quality training at rock bottom prices. So you can start to see why having a reputable, high quality accreditation behind a course can help both you and the training centre.

  1. All Destination TEFL graduates receive a joint certification with ACT who is accredited to TESOL Canada and their TEFL course is endorsed by NCC, Education, UK.
  2. All Destination TEFL graduates also have the option to receive an exclusive TEFL Accreditation Certification from TESOL Canada and an additional Certification from NCC Education, UK through ACT (after writing an additional exam, at a nominal fee).
  3. All Destination TEFL alumni enjoy free access to an exclusive teachers job portal to apply to 100’s of jobs globally.
  4. All Destination TEFL alumni are awarded with a certificate with a unique identification number which can then be verified by prospective employers on the Asian College of Teachers website
  1. It can ensure that you are receiving good quality training that has met the standards imposed by the accrediting body.
  2. Accreditation may increase the chance that your TEFL certification will be recognised and trusted when it comes to finding a job. The majority of employers will only consider applicants whose TEFL certification meets some minimum standards. Many employers, for example, require a course that is at least 100 hours in length and includes at least 6 hours of observed teaching practice. Accreditation from a body that sets these standards is one way for providers to give this guarantee to its trainees (it should be noted that our Destination TEFL courses are 140 hours).
  3. You can look at accreditation as a form of protection. It is protection for yourself, to ensure that you aren’t being exploited by a shady TEFL course provider, and therefore to ensure that you aren’t throwing your hard-earned money down the drain on a low quality, untrusted or unrecognised course.
  4. It is protection for your future employers, who need to know that they are recruiting teachers who have received quality training.
  5. And it is protection for your students, who have the right to expect their English language trainer to be well qualified.

Some of the advantages that might come from taking an accredited TEFL course:

Before making your decision, you should also look at the team who will be doing the actual training on the course, and what qualifications and experience they have. They should not only have suitable qualifications, but also experience teaching in different situations. Be wary of any TEFL company which does not mention who will be doing the training as often unqualified and inexperienced trainers are hired. Meet the Destination TEFL team here.

Reviews from graduates on an independent review site, (not the TEFL provider’s own website) are also a good indication of the quality of a course. Destination TEFL is proud of their over 150 verified reviews, at an average rating of 99% on GoOverseas.

Does the TEFL training centre incorporate teacher pracs with REAL students in a real classroom situation? Often, TEFL schools say they do teacher pracs, but they use the students themselves and do ‘peer teaching’. Teaching your peers is NOT the same and lessons with non-native English speakers. Quality feedback should also be provided after each teacher prac so that you can improve for the next lesson. Follow the TEFL school on social media to see if they go out to schools for their pracs.


  • Our TEFL course exceeds all international criteria, with emphasis placed on practical teaching experience. Our directors and trainers have 50 + years combined experience in both TEFL as well as gap year programs.
  • Our course trainers are highly qualified.
  • All of the learning is done hands-on through games and interactive activities. You will never just be lectured to, but will always be involved in every lesson. The theory in the course is presented by the trainer using games, activities, and strategies that you will then be able to use in your own teaching, allowing you to build your portfolio of activities and teaching tools from day one. Your observed teacher pracs will start from week two when you’ll be able to apply these techniques yourself.
    We limit our numbers to small groups so that we can offer personal assistance with lesson planning and any area you may need help with such as grammar etc. Our practical training includes both youth and adult lessons, at various schools and businesses around the island. Should your course be over a school holiday, we’ll use the same children, but teach them in the form of a summer camp.
  • If you sign up for one of our ‘course plus placement’ packages, we’ll assist you with job placement and preparation. **conditions apply, non-degree holders can only be placed in Cambodia**
  • We have a low student to instructor ratio on our TEFL/TESOL course, which ensures that students get quality attention. This means that you will always have someone to assist with lesson planning or to give you extra attention in any areas you may need assistance.
  • Your trainers will provide you with the support you need to compile lesson plans. You also have access to resources such as free internet, a library of teaching books as well as printing and copying facilities on site.
  • Save money on travelling to teacher practices (TPs) – we will transport you there.
  • Whichever TEFL destination you choose to do the course, you can be assured of a spectacular location. Choose Bali for a tropical surf beach vibe, or Siem Reap for its rich culture and proximity to the world heritage site of Angkor Wat Temple Complex, or the buzz of Bangkok, a city where you’ll never be bored.
  • Our course package includes many extras, including airport collection, personal assistance with your CV/resumé, stationery and supplies, a cultural tour, and more. 
  • We are genuinely interested in our students, and don’t view them as just numbers. We stay in touch with students after each course, and get regular updates on their teaching careers and travels. Many of our job leads come from past students for this reason.
  • We have connections with many schools and agencies, not only in Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand,  and also China and other countries, as well as a private Facebook group where job listings are posted, ONLY to our graduates. This means that you have up-to-date info on current jobs available, with many of these agents contacting us before listing the jobs elsewhere.
  • ​Our reviews on GoOverseasand GoAbroad say it all!

The terms basically mean the same, with TEFL more common in the UK, and TESOL more common in America. There is a slight technical difference since TESOL refers to learners whose first language is not English, although they may speak English in their daily lives. TEFL refers to ‘foreign’ students, learning English as a foreign language. These students do not use English regularly and therefore have different usage and comprehension problems. The course covers both aspects.

We understand that it may have been a while since you studied grammar at school. However, as a native speaker, you already know grammar quite well, it’s more the terminology that you may not know.  We can send you an easy-to-use grammar workbook before you start the course so that you can brush up in your own time prior to the start of the course. During the course, we work through this material to ensure that you are familiar with grammar as well as its terminology before you become a teacher.

No. Destination TEFL/ TESOL uses the international standard communicative approach to teaching, where English is the only language used in the classroom. These methods are thoroughly explained and practiced during the course. This means that you will be able to use your new TEFL qualification to travel the world, and finance this wanderlust by teaching.

Applications are welcomed regardless of first language or nationality. However, as we believe that in order to teach English well, you need to KNOW English well, the only requirements are a proficient level of both spoken and written English and an understanding of the intensive nature of the course. Please be aware that some schools will only employ NATIVE English speakers (NES). We cannot guarantee placements for non-native speakers (NNES). If you are unsure, let’s set up a video interview before you sign up so we can see your level of English and therefore employment prospects.

We have no official upper age limit, but you must be 20 years of age or older for your application to be considered. We may consider school leavers aged 18-19 years, based on a video interview, but understand that without a bachelor’s degree you can only work in certain countries, such as Cambodia. If you are a person of ‘more mature years’, don’t let this put you off applying. If you are receptive to learning, you should have no problems. We have many mature students taking ‘Golden Gap Years’, not quite ready to retire yet.

NOTE: Some employers may have an upper age limit, especially if the job is with younger children, due to the energy level required for this kind of teaching, therefore our job guarantee for NES has an upper limit of 55 years of age, due to restrictions at some schools.

Yes. Upon successful completion of our 4-week TEFL course, you will receive a certificate which is recognised worldwide. Destination TEFL’s course meets and exceeds the basic international criteria, as we offer 140 hours of classroom time and observed teaching practice. You will also receive a detailed report card, and those who obtain merit or higher, will receive a personalised letter of recommendation.

Work is available almost anywhere in the world where English is not the native language. There are many opportunities within Asia specifically, but not exclusively. Some countries require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree (any) as well as a TEFL qualification. A list can be provided on request. Many of our graduates choose to teach online after the course, which is a good option for those travelling – a good internet connection is required, and we supply a list of online agencies to our graduates.

If you sign up and are accepted onto one of our ‘course plus placement programs’ and pass the course, we offer teaching placement assistance. This applies to both degree and non-degree holders for jobs in Cambodia. Degree holders will obtain a higher salary and have more options.

Interested in teaching in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia? Placement assistance is offered, should you meet the following criteria:
If you’re from one of the official native English-speaking (NES) countries  (only UK, Ireland, USA, NZ, Aus, Canada and SA), if you have a university degree, and are under 55 years old, and if you obtain at least a high merit on the course.

Please note: Legally, to work as a teacher in Indonesia, Thailand, or Vietnam, you also need to have a university degree in order to obtain a work permit.

Yes, the course is intensive, and you will need to commit yourself to some independent study and lesson planning time outside of the classroom, but we schedule quite a bit of time within the 4-week TEFL course for planning and preparation. If you balance your workload and make good use of your time in the classroom, you will have weekends to enjoy the sights around Siem Reap and surrounding areas, or Bali and its fabulous beaches, or explore what Bangkok has to offer. Our course and accommodation options are centrally located within Siem Reap for evenings out. The accommodation in Bali is a short walk from the beach, and in Bangkok, near many attractions as well as public transport.

  • An open mind and sense of humour!
  • Your ORIGINAL degree and transcripts if you are a degree holder, so we can apply for the best jobs according to your qualifications. (not a requirement for Cambodia)
  • Your prepared CV/resumé, and we’ll assist you in tweaking it for the local job market.
  • A police clearance certificate or a criminal background check is often required to apply for a work permit as a teacher. Please ensure you get one before coming to Cambodia, Indonesia, or Thailand, as it’s easier to get this in your home country than while abroad.
  • We provide some stationery. Bringing a laptop or tablet (whichever you find easier to work on) will make your time on the course, as well as afterwards as a teacher, MUCH easier. You’ll need to do research and resource for lesson plans, type up lesson plans, etc. We do have computers at the training centre, but these are for printing purposes only. Afterwards, you will really need one for teaching, so we strongly suggest you bring something with you.
  • Everything else as per normal travel requirements and personal effects.
  • Be fully vaccinated against covid-19.
  • A negative PCR test and insurance before flying – full details on entry requirements for each destination are provided on signup.